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By Jim Hasse, ABC, GCDF, Disability Employment Expert

Use this sitemap to quickly find my articles and my books by age group about how to career coach your youngster with cerebral palsy (CP).

The first article listed in each age group is a road map (overview) of that section. It is in italics. My quick summary books, also divided by age group, appear in boldface at the end of each article listing. 


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Recent Articles

  1. Guidance Counseling: Cerebral Palsy Career Builder for Job Seekers

    Oct 16, 18 12:16 PM

    Guidance counseling has been a part of my life since 1979. Here are four lessons I’ve learned as a result of that experience. Pass them on to the job seeker with cerebral palsy you’re mentoring.

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  2. Example of Personal Development: Career Builder for Job Seekers

    Oct 15, 18 10:01 AM

    Following this example of personal development can help your new job seeker with cerebral palsy build a sense of self-confidence by tapping strengths and minimizing barriers.

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  3. Three Career Builders for Job Seekers with Cerebral Palsy

    Oct 14, 18 10:16 AM

    Here are three career builders for the new job seeker with cerebral palsy (CP) you are currently mentoring: networking effectively, targeting companies, and dressing well.

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