I Finally Found my Way: My Cerebral Palsy Path to Workplace Inclusion

By Jim Hasse, ABC, GCDF, Disability Employment Expert

Here's how I finally found my way as a person with cerebral palsy (CP) for gaining inclusion in today's competitive job market.

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Little Book 7: Stories about disability inclusion

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Here's why you need to read this eBook of transformation stories. It shows how leveraging disability inclusion worked for me in the mainstream job market -- even though I walked and talked with difficulty due to cerebral palsy. In this quick read (about 40 minutes), you get:

  • Expert advice
  • Potential pathways
  • Mainstream orientation

Now is the time to help your new job finder with CP tap disability inclusion's power in today's job market.

The steps you take now will help your youngster build a meaningful career.

Seven stories for mentoring your new job finder

Below are seven stories (and seven learning examples) about my own experiences in learning how to gain inclusion in today's work world.

During the 1980s, I didn’t have an opportunity to tell my mom about what I had learned about inclusion, a term back then that was not a part of my business vocabulary.

These are transformation stories which now, decades later, may help you mentor your own youngster.

Story 1 -“ Uncommon Bond” 

Story 2 –“The Hunt”

Story 3 – “Not-so-quiet Desperation”

Story 4 “A Puzzle for Christmas”  

Story 5 – “Ripe for Revolution”

Story 6 – “Moscow Fantasies”  

Story 7 “Back on Track”

Series of Little Books: Get all 7

There are actually seven quick career-insight Little Books for parents of youngsters with CP

Each of the seven Little Books takes about 40 minutes to read.

Each illustrates and summarizes the essential career builders for your youngster’s age group – all through seven transformation stories about my personal experience as a person with CP.

Get all seven Little Books now.

Excerpt from story 1

He ran up to me in a shrill scream and grabbed my hair with both fists. His screeching stopped, but he adamantly held both fists of my hair tightly against the top of my head.

It was one of the most demeaning acts anyone could perpetrate on me, for my hair -- thick and black -- is important to myself image. After shampooing it each morning, I let it dry naturally and then meticulously brush and spray it so it will stay in place throughout the day.

But he was mangling that morning's creation in an abrupt interruption of our long-range planning committee's quick tour of Silver Springs Elementary School. Was there no respect for prim leaders of the community among today's grade school students? 

He hovered over me, as I sat still in my electric scooter, and had invaded my space and put me in an awkward, embarrassing situation.  I could feel the resolve in his fingers. He was not going to let go of my hair.

Without moving my head, I glanced up at the school principal, a slender, shy woman who stood next to the class room door in pathetic shock. After all, she was in charge. She was giving our long-range planning committee this tour of Silver Springs Elementary School, a new facility that was the gem of the school district. We were evaluating the district's school facilities.

Rebecca Wilberg's LinkedIn entry recommending my eBooks.

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