Cerebral Palsy Career Builders Blog

By Jim Hasse, ABC, GCDF, Disability Employment Expert

You can build the foundation for a happy, independent life that your youngster with unexpected challenges can enjoy.

To do so, you need three resources: a basic understanding of career management, the lessons I’ve learned through my experiences and what other parents recommend.

That’s what you’ll discover on the Cerebral Palsy Career Builders Blog.

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Joan’s Taste of Freedom

Stripping COVID’s Stranglehold

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Cal Gives Up the Car

Mobility Options Become Workable

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Bernie’s Need for Mercy

That Includes Love, Understanding, Forgiveness

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Sam Meets Happenstance

Appreciating the Power of the Unanticipated

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Maggie's Reply to Bovine Belching Critics

Take a Time-out to Enjoy your Cookie — and Milk

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Melva's Expanding Expectations

Maybe the time is right for reevaluating what is important.

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A Taste of What You’ll Get in Upcoming Issues

Here's a preview of what you can expect from my "Opening Up" newsletter.

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You'll be a part of a discussion about age-related vulnerability you'll find nowhere else.

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Originally written and illustrated by Jim Hasse, ABC, GCDF, owner of Hasse Communication Counseling, LLC, who, as a person with cerebral palsy, served for 10 years as a vice president in a Fortune 500 company during his 29-year career in corporate communication. He’s an Accredited Business Communicator, certified as a Global Career Development Facilitator and author of 14 Amazon books about disability awareness and disability employment issues.