Disability Discrimination: Cerebral Palsy Stories in Competitive Employment

By Jim Hasse, ABC, GCDF, Disability Employment Expert

Disability discrimination is the central theme for this series of seven transformation stories about my struggle as a person with cerebral palsy (CP) to compete in the mainstream workplace.

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Transformation stories about disability at work

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Here's why you need to read this eBook of transformation stories. It shows what worked for me as I encountered some tough disability-at-work issues. In this quick read (about 50 minutes), you get:

  • Expert advice
  • Potential pathways
  • Mainstream orientation

Now is the time to help your new job finder with CP prepare for likely disability-at-work issues he or she will likely encounter once on the job.

The steps you take now will help your youngster find meaningful work and build an enjoyable life.

Seven stories for mentoring your new job finder

 Below are seven personal-experience stories (and seven learning experiences) about my own experiences in learning how to effectively handle seven key disability-at-work issues.

During the 1960s, I didn’t have an opportunity to tell my mom about those experiences.

They are transformation stories which now, decades later, may help you mentor your own youngster.

Story 1 - “Playing the Pauper” 

Story 2 – “Hot Type, Cold Reality”Detours”

Story 3 – “The Back Door into Adulthood”

Story 4 – “On Getting It Right” 

Story 5 – “A Jump Start for Both of Us”

Story 6 – “Bungled Bluff” 

Story 7 – “The Neighbor I Never Met”

Little Books of transformation stories: Get all 7

There are actually seven quick career-insight Little Books for parents of youngsters with CP

Each of the seven Little Books takes about 40 minutes to read.

Each illustrates and summarizes the essential career builders for your youngster’s age group – all through seven transformation stories about my personal experience as a person with CP.

Get all seven Little Books.

Excerpt from story 1

It's too easy to fall into playing the “victim” and fulfilling the expectations of others due to your disability.

Here's one time when I found myself in that trap.

"I've got 84 cents," I sheepishly told the fellow in a Hardee's shirt behind the counter. "What can I buy for that?" It was 2:30 in the afternoon. My stomach felt hollow. I needed some cholesterol and caffeine to keep me going.

His name badge read, "Ned," and it hung crooked from the pocket of his shirt, which was too big for his slender frame. He glanced awkwardly at my crutches, turned around and looked at the menu overhead.  It was 1993 – before Hardee’s began to accept credit cards.

"Well, there's the 59-cent cheeseburger," he said in a squeaky voice. "And, that's about all...."

Garish menu boards always seem confusing to me. "What's a carton of white milk?"

"49 cents."

Milk is expensive, I thought.

"How about a small Coke?" I mumbled, thinking that would be cheaper.

"59 cents."

Maybe milk is not such a bad deal. "Just give me the cheeseburger," I finally said, satisfied that it would get me through the afternoon.

"What does he want?" I overheard Gert quietly ask Ned as she suddenly appeared behind the counter. She wore thick bifocals and a brown and orange cap over her gray hair.

Rebecca Wilberg's LinkedIn entry recommending my eBooks.

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