Disability non-profits: Take advantage of this no-cost-to-you offer

By Jim Hasse, ABC, GCDF, Disability Employment Expert

Give an informative audiobook about disability awareness, disability employment as a holiday gift to your volunteers, staff or other stakeholders at no cost to you.

This is a unique opportunity, but you need to take advantage of it right now -- like within the next few days.

About me

I provide career-coaching tips for parents/providers who seek to help their youngsters rise above unexpected physical challenges and gain independence through integrated work.

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I also have CP and am the author of 14 books about disability awareness and disability employment, based on my 29 years in integrated employment (10 of them as a vice president for a Fortune 500 company).

The gift

Here's my "holiday gift" idea for rewarding your volunteers, teachers or parents for their work and developing their insight into how to coach individuals with disabilities in getting hired.

These are the number of audible.com promotional codes I still have for downloading FOR FREE the following audiobooks my producer and I offer you right now:

Little Book 2: 16 codes

Little Book 3: 11 codes

Little Book 4: 20 codes

Career Book 2: 31 codes

Career Book 3: 13 codes

Career Book 4: 17 codes

Each of your "gift recipients" would have to go through a quick six-step process to download an audiobook.

That would mean you or I would have to assign a code to each individual volunteer, drop it into the boilerplate e-mail I have developed, personalize it and send it to them.

I'm willing to do that for you, but I would need each volunteer's e-mail address.

Or, I could send you the batch of available codes for each audiobook, and you could compile and send the e-mails yourself.

One problem: Time is short. My promotion codes need to be used (audiobooks downloaded) by Tuesday, November 12, at midnight ET.

First come, first serve. When I run out codes, this offer is done.

 Let's work together right now to reward/inform one of your key stakeholder groups on a no-cost-to-you basis.

E-mail me about your interest, questions etc.

Remember: My promotion codes need to be used (audiobooks downloaded) by Tuesday, November 12, at midnight ET.

Jim Hasse, ABC, GCDF

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Originally written and illustrated by Jim Hasse, ABC, GCDF, owner of Hasse Communication Counseling, LLC, who, as a person with cerebral palsy, served for 10 years as a vice president in a Fortune 500 company during his 29-year career in corporate communication. He’s an Accredited Business Communicator, certified as a Global Career Development Facilitator and author of 14 Amazon books about disability awareness and disability employment issues.