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By Jim Hasse, ABC, GCDF, Disability Employment Expert

  • Boost your affinity with stakeholders in your disability community.

  • Show you really understand what it means to be marginalized due to disability (and what it takes to work around those barriers).

  • Give a gift for changing the lives of your consumers, donors, associates, and contractors – at no cost!

 I’ll donate up to 192 paperback copies of Break Out to your non-profit – all for free! I’ll even pay for the shipping.

192 paperbacks available -- while they last

During the next three months, my goal is to give away 192 paperbacks of one of my books, “Break Out: Finding Freedom When You Don’t Quite Fit the Mold,” a modern memoir of my 51 personal-experience stories as a person with a disability about what it means to be “too different” in a society with a penchant for conformity and tribalism.

If you're interested in a small portion of these paperbacks (or all of them) for your outreach efforts, let me know. See the attachment for details.

Why am I giving these paperbacks away (I’ll even pay for shipping)?

Are you the nonprofit to best use these books?

I'm searching for the best nonprofit organization which shows it can make the best use of these books for boosting its affinity with key stakeholders in its disability community.

Plus, Pam, my wife, and I are looking ahead to a transition from condo living to senior independent living. That means downsizing and getting rid of clutter (four unopened boxes of remaining Break Out paperbacks).

Order a complimentary copy to see for yourself

I’d like to send you a complimentary copy of Break Out so you can see for yourself how my book can enhance your outreach efforts. Just e-mail me your snail mail address to jim@jimhasse.com.

Break Out was first published in 1996, but my collection of 51 true stories are even more relevant today (in the light of our current political and cultural climate) than it was back then.

How to deal effectively with false assumptions

Take a look at this section of my 1996 Preface to the book:

"In a divided world and country, extremist views, quick answers and homogenized insights often get the press coverage and broadcast time. 'Maybe' and 'I don't know yet" take too much time and are too tentative. They garner little credibility in much of the media.

"Yet, on a personal level, most of us live with a larger reality. A part of our journey through life is settling for temporary "maybe" answers about who we are and who we can become. That's especially true when we need to face fundamental questions about how we can deal effectively with false assumptions about ourselves (and the presumptions others may form about us) because we don't quite fit accepted norms."

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